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Retractable Tonneau Covers
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Perhaps the most innovative design of all, retractable tonneau covers offer many of the benefits of hard folding tonneau covers and hard roll-up tonneau covers, but all in one design.

They are secure, leak-proof and offer multi-position locking. Best of all, a retractable tonneau cover offers 100% rear window visibility - something you do not get with any other type of tonneau cover.

Plus, they just look cool! Check out our retractable tonneau covers, above, and read more about them in the full description within each product page.

Clearly, the biggest advantage of a retractable tonneau cover is that they lay flat - even when fully retracted - allowing you a complete, unobstructed view out of your rear window. The various slats that make up the cover slide under each other instead of piling on top of one another as is the case with hard folding or roll-up tonneau covers.

Like the other hard covers, your retractable tonneau cover locks firmly in place via the tailgate, making it next to impossible for would-be thieves to get at your cargo.

Fully sealed and leak-proof, a retractable tonneau cover also is able to handle a pretty decent amount of weight - up to 250 pounds evenly distributed with some brands.

Most important, retractable tonneau covers give you full access to all of your gear without having to remove the tonneau cover.

There are, however, some down sides to retractable covers. Because the slats retract under instead of over each other, you lose about 6 inches of storage space at the front of your truck bed when fully retracted. The space it takes up also makes it impossible to install a toolbox - like a BAKBox - in the front of your truck bed. And, of course, at a maximum of 250 pounds, a retractable tonneau cover does not support as much weight as most other hard folding tonneau covers or roll-up tonneau covers.

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