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I really enjoy my new bakflip mx4 bed cover. Had a couple of screws missing and a damaged rail. Customer support team were fantastic and professional. They sent me a new set of screws and rail to replace the missing/damage part immediately. I highly recommend this product. Thanks

BAK Revolver X4S, Good cover but could be better.

I have a 2019 Ram 2500 and the cover fits well. The only issue is that the rail ends are sharp and would cut into the tailgate protector. I filed them down and covered them with PVC tape. Another issue I found is that the cover does not seem to be very secure. It's the same with most of the covers in this price range. I added some brackets to the inside of the cover and I use chains to hold it down from the inside when I am carrying expensive loads inside. It gives me peace of mind knowing it will be much more difficult to break open.

Great product.

Fast delivery. Great customer service. So far so good. This is a two person installation with good instructions.

Great customer service

Very expeditious service, I’m very satisfied with this company! They go out of there way to make things right!

Best top to my truck according to my research

I did an extensive amount of research before purchasing this item and I can tell you that this tonneau cover will get you the best bang for your buck. The installation process was quite simple and only took a couple of hours, maybe less. I took great care in sealing the entire truck bed from water and I haven't seen a drop to date. I am very pleased with this item and highly recommend this product.

excellent product

I highly recommend this product and this store.

Perfect for road trips

This cover and rack are perfect for long road trips. I am an avid mountain biker and spend a month each year on the road with my truck and bike. The integrated rack is perfect for mounting my bike plus a cargo bin above the bed of the truck and cover. Very glad I went with this one.


good item and makes my truck have a lot more storage

Small Investment for Big improvement

This was a small purchase (only $40 or so) but it makes a big difference for these old knees as I climb in and out of the back of my truck. Very glad I got it.

Super Easy to Install

Only took me about 20 minutes to install the bedrug liner. Super easy and super secure and high quality. Very happy with my purchase.

Nice and snug fit

I love the impact bed liner. Thanks to Katie for the great help. I'll definitely shop from tonneaucoverhq again.

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