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Roll-Up Tonneau Covers
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Aluminum Roll-Up Tonneau Covers - On Sale
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If you're looking for a tonneau cover that provides a lot of flexibility, an aluminum roll-up tonneau cover might be the perfect solution.

Unlike hard folding tonneau covers that have fixed folding points, a roll-up tonneau cover allows you to cover exactly the parts of the truck bed that you need covered, leaving room for taller items to protrude above the cover and still be secure.

Additionally, roll-up covers can be rolled up all the way without blocking your rear window view while still staying attached to the truck bed.

Check out all of our roll-up tonneau covers, above, and within each product page for more information about the roll-up covers we offer.

Two Types of Roll-up Tonneau Covers

There are two types of roll-up tonneau covers - hard and soft. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hard Roll-up Tonneau Covers

Hard roll-up tonneau covers typically are made of metal slats or metal-reinforced vinyl slats (the ones shown above are made of aluminum). They roll up or down via a track system that installs - usually in under an hour - to your truck bed with no drilling required. The main advantage of a hard roll-up cover is security. Your cover locks with the tailgate, making it extremely difficult for thieves to get at your cargo. They also tend to be be more water-tight than a soft roll-up cover and are usually able to support 300 pounds (or more) of evenly distributed weight.

On the down side, hard roll-up tonneau covers cost a little more than soft roll-up tonneau covers. And, while it is true that they also roll up into a spool, the spool is a little larger, meaning you may lose an extra 6 inches or so of your truck bed when fully rolled up and a little bit of lower rear window visibility vs. a soft roll-up cover.

Because of their obvious advantages, we only sell hard roll-up tonneau covers here at

Soft Roll-up Tonneau Covers

Soft roll-up tonneau covers are made of fabric, are super easy to install and they roll up into a much smaller, tight spool, allowing the most truck bed access and rear window visibility. They are also one of the least expensive tonneau covers you can buy.

Unfortunately, that ease of installation and smaller rolled-up size has its disadvantages. Above all, they are not very secure at all. A pocket knife can easily slice through them, making soft tonneau covers easy prey to thieves who would love to steal your tools and valuable cargo. They cannot hold much, if any, weight on top of them and they don't tend to be very water-tight, meaning a lot of your cargo may get soaked during a good rain.

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